Forties weekend to rival Spalding’s own event

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A regular column by Tulip Radio’s Jan Whitbourn.

The end of summer traditionally sees the popular seaside resort of Sheringham turn its attention from seaside holidaymakers to an ever popular Forties themed weekend.

While Sheringham was the town that instigated the idea of such weekends, the area has an added bonus of the North Norfolk Railway which runs from nearby Holt through Weybourne to Sheringham. The railway forms a centrepiece for this weekend’s events and many military vehicle enthusiasts, re-enactors and those who indulge their love of period dress, congregate there.

All three railway stations are decked out in traditional Forties style, complete with steam trains, and witnessing such a spectacle feels like going back 70 years. Many local enthusiasts travel from south Lincolnshire to enjoy this two-day event and it’s a sight to see, with ladies and gentleman in period dress promenading down Sheringham High Street together with serving soldiers, sailors and airmen as well as ‘Bobbies’ from the era.

All the shopkeepers in Sheringham and Holt enthusiastically embrace the spirit of the weekend and enormous crowds of people join in.

There was a vast parade of military vehicles and attendant personnel through the town on both days. The atmosphere witnessed during these parades was strikingly similar to that of the golden years of Spalding Flower Parade, with many people from Spalding re-living those spectacular days and talking about our wonderful Forties event in Ayscoughfee.

Food for thought for the increasingly popular local 40s weekends, nostalgia not what it used to be, now you can not only feel it and smell it you can taste it too.