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Ex Spalding St Paul's boy publishes his own book of poetry

Former Spalding St Paul’s School and ex Gleed Boys’ School student Robert Pickering has published a new book - featuring his own collection of poetry.

Going by the pen name Freddie Scott, which comes from a childhood nickname, he describes the poems in his book ‘A Blackbird Came Calling’ as ‘the result of past events in my life, some good others not so.’

Poet Robert Pickering has published his book, called A Blackbird Came Calling. (10515559)
Poet Robert Pickering has published his book, called A Blackbird Came Calling. (10515559)

“I was influenced by the likes of(Edgar Allan) Poe, the ravens and the blackbirds, Shelley and Byron.

“It is not supernatural but is influenced by nature, the emotion of nature, early morning and dawnings. Nature plays a major part in our emotions as well.

“The poems are based on my life. I lost my father Ron when I was 19 and he was a positive figure in my life. At that time I remember the blackbirds were singing.

Robert Pickering with his new book of poetry. (10515552)
Robert Pickering with his new book of poetry. (10515552)

“I was born down the St Paul’s Road and growing up there poetry was not considered fit for boys in a man’s world.

"It was a rough and tumble, working man’s time and unless you went to the grammar school, writing poetry was not accepted.

“I wrote my first real poem when I was about 14-years-old and that was to a young lady who lived on the corner on Valentine’s Day.”

Poet Robert Pickering with his new book. (10515533)
Poet Robert Pickering with his new book. (10515533)

But Robert has no idea how the poem was received as he admits he never sent it.

And much of the book, while based on past events in his life, is also based on the influences of the people around him.

“There are a lot of people who might pick up the book and read some of the poems and think, is he talking about me?" he said.

Other inspiration comes from dreams and the stories of ancient Greece, that he enjoyed as a child - such as that of Orpheus in the Underworld and Perseus, along with fairy-tales, Celtic and Nordic legends, and snippets from old films and TV shows.

Today, Robert (54), lives in Moulton with his wife Julie, who he cares for.For many years they were foster parents and he has also worked as a self-employed decorator.

A Blackbird Came Calling is published by Xlibris and is available online via www.xlibris.com or www.amazon.co.uk

It can also be ordered from selected bookshops on request.


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