Former conscripts speak at Tulip Radio’s Spalding studio

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A regular column by Tulip Radio’s Jan Whitbourn.

We recently spoke with Ted Browning and Ken Willows about their times with the Lincolnshire Regiment as conscripts in the ’50s and ’60s.

Ted, a well-known former butcher from Deeping St Nicholas, spent much of his time in Malaya during the emergency there and he regaled us with a few tales from his time there.

Recently he’s become the standard bearer for the regiment at many commemorative parades locally and nationally. He’s paraded at the Menin Gate in Ypres, Belgium, a ceremony carried out daily at 6pm to remember the Allied losses in the first World War and one that hasn’t been

missed once.

Ken has also been standard bearer for the regiment as well as the Royal British Legion; from time to time he’s done this at the Remembrance Parade at the Royal Albert Hall in November.

Currently he’s best known as the local ‘keeper of the keys’ for the Lincolnshire Regiment and he does a great deal to ensure that the regiment is celebrated and remembered, even if it is now part of the 2nd Battalion, Royal Anglians, who are currently based at Cottesmore.

To find out more about this work, including how to become a standard bearer or a volunteer for the Lincolns, listen to the full interview on our website,