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South Holland and the Deepings MP John Hayes on foreign criminals

Global transport and internet communication has led many to presume that the porous movement of people between countries is a right devoid of responsibility.

In fact, entering a nation other than your own, whether as a tourist, worker or migrant, is a privilege. The welcome offered assumes that incomers respect the prevailing norms and obey the law.

All serious crime is horrible - the exploitation of the innocent by the self-interested - but it is especially egregious to see those from abroad, invited to make their home in Britain, take criminal advantage of selfless hospitality.

Sir John Hayes (22218284)
Sir John Hayes (22218284)


The overwhelming majority of migrants are honest, law abiding people, but mass immigration has inevitably resulted in the arrival of some unsavoury characters, about whom little is known. The result is that 12% of the prison population, in other words around 10,000 convicts – including serious violent offenders – are foreign. The price paid by hard-working tax payers to keep our streets safe from these thugs, thieves, killers and rapists, is considerable – totalling an average of £37,000 per prisoner per year.

Over the years in Parliament, I have heard countless proposals to reduce the size of Britain’s prison population. If prison overcrowding is the imperative problem, rather than releasing early those intent on chaos and destruction – as out of touch prison parole boards are prone to do - a straightforward solution would be the immediate deportation of all foreign criminals who, after all, have been fairly tried and convicted in a court of law.

Thankfully, our welcome departure from the European Union will let us take back control of our legal system. Presently restricted by EU law, the Home Secretary’s ability to deport criminals is limited, as she is forced to jump through numerous legal hoops and withstand relentless appeals from greedy lawyers gaming the system by citing the so called ‘rights’ of wrongdoers. Free to develop a robust framework designed to serve the United Kingdom’s national interest, I hope that the Government will act decisively to prioritise the needs of victims by removing all those whose deportation is conducive to the common good.

Operation Nexus – a joint endeavour enacted by the Home Office in partnership with several police forces – is a welcome step towards quicker, more effective action to tackle ‘high-harm’ offending by foreign nationals.

Most urgently of all, this Government must end the release on bail of violent and dangerous foreign offenders whilst they await their removal from the UK. Between 2014 – 2016, UK authorities lost track of over 500 convicted overseas criminals whilst preparing paperwork for deportation!

Migrants who take advantage of the generosity of the British people by hurting and harming those they’ve come to live amongst do a great disservice to people who have arrived here seeking a better future for their families and just want to fit in. To preserve the integrity of our immigration system, safeguard law abiding people and ensure justice is done, the Government must act swiftly and resolutely to deport foreign criminals.

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