For pet’s sake, consider a rescue dog

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So, I took our lurcher Blousey out for a walk last night and thought back to when we first got her. I had been looking for a dog for over a year before we found her. Onscreen she looked like a petite whippet so I rang the rescue to book a visit.

When we turned up, we were told she had just been spayed, but could be taken for a walk. As the owner came back with what looked like a skinny horse, I thought “Oh, she has the wrong dog,” as she was too tall, underweight and wasn’t even the right colour…a sort of muddy brown.

“Here she is, her kennel mates have got diarrhoea so she is a bit messy”

Poo brown, then.

I tried to be optimistic and walked the dog along the track, but she was exhausted. I looked in her eyes and saw nothing…no connection, just a malnourished poorly dog, so hungry she ate the potato peelings lying on the floor.

The girls petted her head…it was the only clean part of her. My youngest, who was 3, forgot all my instructions in the car on the way, about being careful as we didn’t know what type of doggy she was and flung her arms round her neck. The dog just stood, without responding.

The woman came back and I said we would be in touch and we all piled in the car. It was November, bitterly cold and we were all glad to be back in the warmth of the car.

” Well, that was a wasted journey…,” my husband started to say, but I cut him off.

“I can’t leave her like that, I’ve seen her now…she was very good with the girls, even when they were in her face, she didn’t react.”

He gave up trying to persuade me otherwise. I called the woman as soon as I got home and told her we wanted the dog.

When I collected her, the woman lifted her easily into the cage …she was terrified and stood up for the whole journey. I got her out and took her in the house. She sniffed and loped around, checking it out…I let her out in the garden…she came back in and pooed on the only rug on the otherwise tiled floor. I sat down and she wandered up and sensing that I was going to be someone special, rested her head on my lap and stood there, bonding with me.

She was 3 when we got her and only God knows what she had been through…she was terrified of men, she had pain in her back, she was jumpy, she didn’t know how to play and would growl at other dogs. She had worms, fleas and kennel cough and was so thin, she couldn’t walk far.

Four years on, we have a healthy, sociable character who loves being cuddled and enjoys her walk.

I have learned things about myself from having her around and I recommend anyone thinking of having a dog to consider a rescue dog…there are so many in need of a good home.


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