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FOCUS ON FITNESS: The stages of weight loss

I just thought I’d base this blog around the mental changes of a big weight loss. As, whether you feel that you need to change or not, mental changes do happen along the way. Well, that’s how I feel but then I also had the depression thrown into the mix.

But I feel that either way you have made a conscious decision to put yourself first and to try and better yourself.

To make that effort and to try and seriously achieve some goals. Which might range from losing 14lbs to 10 stone! I strongly don’t believe in fad diets and from my own experience I’ve felt constantly hungry throughout and binged afterwards! It’s not sustainable and is a miserable existence.

Heather Walker has lost more than six stone.
Heather Walker has lost more than six stone.

When I first joined the gym and set my goals in what I wanted to achieve I first wanted to lose six stone.

My reason for that number was purely because it was a good starting point for me at 22 stone and once I reached that point I was going to reassess... which I did.

I haven’t done anything drastic and just simply counted my calories and moved more. I think the “fitness/ media” industry tend to over complicate things far more than they need to.

Of course I enjoy the odd little treat but I eat to fuel my body, much like a car. How do you expect it to run efficiently if you don’t look after it? I put in some killer workouts which include mostly weight training which is asking a lot from my body so it’s important that I take care of it. After all, it’s the only place that you have to live!

I think going through this process there are a few key points...

• Find something that you enjoy doing.

• Allow the process to take time as it’s not a race.

• Failure is part of learning.

• Remember why you started.

People always talk a lot about motivation but actually I think it’s more down to enjoying what you do and discipline.

Another thing is that your mind takes a while to catch up with your body. We tend to always criticise ourselvesand never actually see the progress that we are making.

Which is why I take my progress pictures.. not because I’m up myself but to purely see a difference to help motivate myself to keep me moving forwards.

To remember why I started in the first place. You will get people that will criticise you, that will maybe put you down and say you’re too thin or too fat... ignore them!

As I’m weight training a lot I often get “why do you want to look like a man?”, blah blah blah

At the end of the day so long as you are happy, healthy and doing what you enjoy then that’s what matters.I hope that is some help and if you are thinking of starting out yourself, set a plan, stay focused and do it for you. You’ve got this!

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