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FOCUS ON FITNESS: Keeping body and mind healthy

Hello, I hope that everyone is keeping well and sane... well mostly.

Today there has been a bit of sunshine and it really feels as though spring is in the air... plus, more importantly, hope!

The vaccine is being successfully rolled out thanks to all of the doctors and nurses and the stats are dropping. Which added together gives us hope of returning to a more normal life... which a year later is honestly the best feeling ever.

Heather Walker in the gym.
Heather Walker in the gym.

Like anything as we are reaching the end, I do wonder what we have learnt from this pandemic? To be kinder? I hope so.

To not take things for granted? Yes, definitely!

But hopefully once we’re out of this and we look back, it gives us strength.

Strength that no matter what we got up to and kept doing, that it brought us closer to our friends and families and that maybe we even made some unexpected new bonds.

One thing I really hope is that going forwards we still make that time for our physical and mental wellbeing. Throughout this pandemic, right from the start, we have priotised our fitness.

Logging onto online high-intensity interval training classes, zoom classes, running, walking and staying as active as we possibly can.

Now we’re getting closer to the return back into the gym and a more normal life I hope that all of those habits stay in place. The brilliant thing about fitness is not only the physical effects but also in how it makes us feel. That if we’re feeling a bit down fitness has the power to lift our spirits and improve our mood.

Plus you genuinely form one of the best networks with like minded people... which as proven in this last year can be a real game changer.

Heather x

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