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FOCUS ON FITNESS: Your fitness journey

I suppose the word 'journey' comes from the honest truth that your fitness 'journey' is just that. You start off with your main goal and aim in what you want to achieve but then it ends up changing many times over.

When I first started losing weight my main goal that was driving me was to lose six stone and that’s all I mostly focused on.

So I counted my calories via my Fitbit. I did no diet but simply ate a healthy, balanced diet. I started my training program at the gym and just got on with that.

Right from the word go I’ve never minded handling weights and in actual fact it’s the weights that I prefer. There is so much that goes into using them that I actually love the whole learning process also... as it’s not about who can lift the heaviest but more about technique and form.

I’ve lost the six stone that was my goal and now I’m more focused on toning and gaining muscle and strength. I do a lot of weight work and find that it has many benefits, including strengthening and shaping your body plus mentally it does you good.

The sense of achievement when you have mastered that said goal, ie deadlifting, is the best feeling ever. There is so much that goes into power lifting and when you talk to women in particular there seems to be this fear of bulking up... which isn’t actually possible due to the fact that we don’t produce anywhere near the amounts of testosterone as a guy.

Lifting is actually good for gaining shape and core strength within our bodies. So yes I think if it’s something that you would like to try you should go and talk to a fitness instructor at your local gym and go for it.

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