Flytippers to pay if caught, says council

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Flytippers who have turned land just outside Spalding into a dumping ground for rubbish, including asbestos, face being hit in the pocket if they are caught.

The warning comes from South Holland District Council after an area known as Cowbit Wash was turned into waste pile next to land where farm workers are picking crops.

A Spalding resident who discovered the mess and asked not be named said: “I was walking my dog on Sunday and met a friend who was pushing his bike along the old B1173 Cowbit Road.

“We both looked at the mess and felt appalled by it.

“I saw it again on Monday and thought the mess was starting to mount, then drove past it on Tuesday morning and it was still there.

“Everyone knows about normal flytipping but when it’s asbestos, you’ve crossed another boundary.”

It’s the second time the area around the old Cowbit Road has hit the headlines in the last three months.

Motorists who tried to use the road as a shortcut between Cowbit and Spalding ended up with their cars getting stuck in mud caused by the torrential rainfall in December.

The resident said: “It’s really an area that has to be addressed for various reasons.

“I’m not sure whether there’s enough information about where people can take waste but when there are people about with no interest in the environment, what can you do?

“This area is going to be a problem both now and in the future and it’s an issue we need to do something about to keep it safe and sound.

“Maybe this is an opportunity to think about turning into a park area or cycle path.”

South Holland District Council has pledged to clear the site by Friday and specialist contractors will be brought in to clear the asbestos.