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Lincolnshire County Council is not convinced the household waste recycling centre booking system is to blame for fly-tipping

Lincolnshire County Council members are not convinced that a booking system in place for household waste recycling is related to an increase in fly-tipping.

There have been questions over whether the booking system for disposal sites, which was brought in at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, led to an
increase in roadside dumping – with 720 cases of fly-tipping recorded in South Holland during 2019/20.

The household waste recycling centre booking system is not to blame for fly tipping say council leaders
The household waste recycling centre booking system is not to blame for fly tipping say council leaders

However, at last week’s Executive meeting, evidence was provided that distanced any link between the two.

Nicole Hilton, assistant director for communities, said: “There does appear to be the perception that there has been a link between fly-tipping, which has increased during lockdown, and the closure of the household waste recycling centres.

“But to put that in context, the fly tipping across Lincolnshire has increased by about 881 tonnes. The decrease in (deposits at) household waste recycling centres is 28,000.

“So it’s quite hard to correlate that those two are intrinsically linked.

“I’m not convinced that those people who pack their van or lorry up and drop their waste down a green lane or car park do so because they’re frustrated because they can’t get a HWRC booking appointment online.

“We have surplus appointments available, and are very very rarely at capacity. So those two behaviours don’t seem to be making sense.”

“It (fly-tipping) has seen an increase. It is of concern, and the local county council has a role to play working alongside our district colleagues and with the environment agency about pursuing those people who are inappropriately fly-tipping and disposing of rubbish.”

With talks under way regarding whether or not to get rid of the booking system, Coun Colin Davie wanted pledges that there will be no increase in queue sizes.

He said: “We haven’t had those problems (with oversized queues) since the booking system was brought in.

“If we’re to scrap the booking system, what assurances can we have that we won’t go back to the way it was before?”

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