FLY TIPPING: I have never seen this drain so disgusting

Fly tipping in Farrow Avenue, Holbeach
Fly tipping in Farrow Avenue, Holbeach
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Hooray for Mervin Roberts! (Letter: ‘There is no excuse for this fly tipping’ – Free Press, April 4).

I live right beside the gap where this fly-tipping has occurred and it makes my blood boil every time I walk past it to the footpath to Barrington Gate.

I am 80-years-old, I am not on ‘the net’, so I rely on my telephone. I have phoned South Holland District Council at least four times now:

1) “Sorry, nothing to do with us”.

2) “Try drainage board”.

3) “Sorry, nothing to do with us, go back to SHDC”.

4) Complained to environment department,: “We’ll look into it”. I’m still waiting.

There are at least seven large black sacks filled with who knows what, which have now slid down the bank. Sooner or later, one will break open with the help of rats or other vermin.

The state of the drain closer to Barrington Gate is full of bottles and beer cans.

I have lived here for 30 years and have never seen this drain so disgusting as it has become over the past few years – I’ve never seen who has dumped their rubbish and I wouldn’t dare to tackle them if I did.

I would like to see a board put up saying: “This is not a dump – and you are being watched.”

I wonder.