Fly-tipping clean-up promised at supermarket recycling bins

Overloaded recycle bins in Sainsburys car park.
Overloaded recycle bins in Sainsburys car park.
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ACTION will be taken to clean up rubbish dumped at recycling bins at a town supermarket.

Sainsbury’s has also vowed to explore ways of preventing a return of the problem, after being threatened with prosecution.

A number of complaints had been received about the state of the area around the glass recycling point – which has become a magnet for flytipping.

It was cleaned up within days of the Spalding Guardian highlighting the issue back in June after South Holland District Council stepped in – but within days bags and boxes of rubbish started to appear again.

Spalding man Tom Chambers was one of those who has been trying to get the area cleaned up, contacting supermarket bosses and South Holland District Council on a number of occasions.

He said: “There must be rats all over the place.

“It gives the town a bad image. Something needs to be done about it, but everyone just seems to want to pass the buck.”

A spokesman from Sainsbury’s head office said it would be looking at the problem.

He said: “We’re saddened that these facilities are being abused in this way.

“We have arranged for the area to be cleared in the coming days and we’re exploring ways to improve the facilities and help to prevent improper use in the future.”

South Holland District Council said it had cleaned up the area in the past as a gesture of goodwill, but after the latest clean-up a few weeks ago had warned Sainsbury’s that would be the last time.

A spokesman said: “If they continue to experience problems with fly-tipping we are here to advise but the public purse cannot – and should not – be 
used for clearing away rubbish dumped on private land.

“Ultimately, if we felt it appropriate, we could prosecute the landowner if they failed to clear up the site.”