Flower queen hopeful so proud to say Spalding’s great

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“I’d love to tell everyone just how great Spalding is,” says this week’s Flower Queen hopeful Shelley Wilson.

The 24-year-old from Penway Drive in Pinchbeck has lived in the town since she was six years old.

Now selling health and safety courses for St John Ambulance from their offices in Peterborough, Shelley says she would love to wear the queen’s crown and be an ambassador for the town.

A former student at Spilsby High School, Shelley lives with her family and says she can’t imagine being anywhere else.

She said: “All of my family and friends are here and people are so friendly.

“Even though I’ve worked all over the country, I still love it here. There was always lots of things to get involved with when I was growing up.

“It’s lovely along the river and there’s Ayscoughfee hall and gardens. Whatever people may say, there are a lot worse places to live.”

Her favourite time of the year is the spring. She said: “The town’s so pretty – and then we’ve had the flower parade. I’d hate to miss my last chance to be queen.”

You could be part of history by being the last person ever to be crowned Spalding Flower Queen and take your place atop a magnificent floral float as the parade winds its way through the town’s streets for the final time on Saturday, May 4.

To enter you need to be aged 17 or over, live in South Holland and fill in the coupon on this page.

Preliminary interviews will be at Tulip Radio on Thursday, March 7, and five finalists will be invited to a reception at Ayscoughfee Hall on March 15, where the winner will be crowned.

Closing date for entries is Thursday, February 28.