FLEET PARISH COUNCIL NEWS: Concern over roadworks disruption

Parish councillors are worried about the effect of roadworks on business at Fleet Road Garage.  Photo supplied.
Parish councillors are worried about the effect of roadworks on business at Fleet Road Garage. Photo supplied.
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Fleet Parish Council has raised concerns about roadworks immediately outside a service station the village’s border with Holbeach.

Western Power Distribution engineers are laying “300 to 400 metres” of underground electricity cables resulting in a single lane and temporary traffic lights along Fleet Road Garage.

But parish councillors are worried about congestion, reduced visibility outside the service station’s entrance and the possible impact on the business itself.

Pastor Ross Dean, chairman of Fleet Parish Council, said: ”At present, the traffic lights are blocking one of the entrances to the garage which doesn’t help the business very much.

“That part of Fleet Road is down to a single lane at the moment and it will be for the next three weeks.

“But Western Power keep extending the area of the roadworks and it may extend beyond the parish boundary with Holbeach.”

A Western Power spokesman said: “We are doing some major network reinforcement work, starting at the junction of Fleet and Foxes Low Road where we are laying 300 to 400 metres of underground cables.

“Most of the work will be done under two-way traffic lights, but there will be the odd occasion when three-way lights will be required.

“However, as we progress down Fleet Road, we will move from three-way back to two-way lights.”

Meanwhile, Lincolnshire County Council has confirmed plans for the £500,000 “reconstruction” of a section of the A17 in Fleet Hargate.

The work next year will take place on Washway Road between its junctions at Hurn Road and Lowgate, along with another stretch of the A17 in Long Sutton between Station Road and Wisbech Road.

A county highways spokesman said: “The works will be taking place next February/March and will be carried out along two sections of the A17 in Fleet Hargate and Long Sutton, between Hurn Road and Low Gate and the B1390/A17 and A17/B1359 roundabouts respectively.

“The works will be carried out overnight during the week to minimise disruption and the project is likely to last for six weeks.

“Funding for the scheme comes from the county’s Primary Route Network (PRN) budget for replacing and reconstructing sections of A and B roads that provide access to the rest of the country and are nearing the end of their serviceable life.”

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