Fleet Hargate developer ‘willing to talk’ about new bus shelter

Fleet bus shelter boarded up
Fleet bus shelter boarded up
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Villagers in Fleet Hargate who would like a bus shelter to replace the one that has been boarded up are being invited to get into talks with the developer responsible.

Joan Woolard contacted our sister paper, the Spalding Guardian, after discovering she could no longer use the one that had been built by the parish council outside the old school in Old Main Road 62 years ago.

Steve Stinders, who is converting the unused 200-year-old building into two residential properties, said he was sorry someone had been upset but many people in the village, including the elderly, are relieved to see the bus shelter go.

He said: “We bought the old school 30 years ago and inherited the bus shelter on our property, but agreed to it still being used so long as it was looked after.

“Over the past 10 years it has become a constant target for graffiti, dog mess and people using it as a toilet and urinating in it.

“My mum has tried to clean it but it stank, so nobody wanted to use it and they stood outside anyway.

People are glad it’s been boarded up and it’s going because it doesn’t smell anymore

Steve Stinders

“The workmen on site tell me a lot of people are glad it’s been boarded up and it’s going because it doesn’t smell anymore.”

Mr Stinders said it was unusual for there to be bus stops with ‘hail and ride’ services.

However, he said: “If villagers really want one I’m happy to discuss it. We care about the community and old people and are proud of the development we are doing here.

“The conversion is in line with conservation and will bring an unused old school back to life as two quirky cottages that have already attracted a lot of interest.

“They will bring a nice addition to the village.”

In the meantime, Norfolk Green is continuing its hail and ride service along Old Main Road.

A spokesman for Lincolnshire County Council said: “Although the shelter will no longer be available for use by the public, a bus stop will remain.

“The marked on-street car parking areas have been in place along Old Main Road for some while and we are not aware of any highway safety issues, or problems experienced by 
the bus operating company in using the stop.”