Fleet gran: ‘Bad number caller wanted my credit card expiry date’

More peace for Coun Roger Gambba-Jones as calls are intercepted. SG090318-115TW
More peace for Coun Roger Gambba-Jones as calls are intercepted. SG090318-115TW
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A Fleet grandma was bombarded with 11 calls in less than six hours by a number linked to a scam where fraudsters claim to be from the Telephone Preference Service (TPS).

Elaine Chapman (74) said the calls started at 1pm on March 7 and went on until 19 minutes past six.

The calls were picked up by Elaine’s answer machine until she answered the phone herself, when a man claiming to be from the TPS – which is actually a free service – asked her to reveal her credit card expiry date.

Elaine told us: “He said ‘I don’t want your credit card details or anything, I just want the expiry date’.”

She declined to give any details but the man, who was in a call centre, asked her two or three times more.

The calls came from the number 01525 839586, revealed as a Leighton Buzzard code, and continued over the next few days with odd digits changing.

The number is listed on www.badnumbers.co.uk and other residents in South Holland have been contacted, including Councillor Roger Gambba-Jones, who is urging residents to sign a Which? petition to end nuisance calls and texts. Elaine told us: “I don’t answer the calls now.”

Coun Gambba-Jones says his telephone service provider, TalkTalk, has now launched a call intercept service, which has made for a much more peaceful life.

He said: “If the caller doesn’t give their name, they are not put through.

“It seems to be a very efficient fix that TalkTalk have introduced.”

Since Coun Gambba-Jones has had the call intercepts installed, he hasn’t had any 01525 numbers come through.

• Coun Gambba-Jone remains concerned about vulnerable people losing money to phone fraudsters.

He suggests residents have a conversation with people they know, particularly the elderly, to see if they have been targeted – and whether anything can be done to help.

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