‘Fix our roads or scrap the car tax’ - campaign group

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A CAMPAIGN group is calling on disgruntled motorists to rise up and demand something is done to fix our crumbling road network.

Pool players at the Red Lion pub in Gedney Hill have grown tired of the state of Lincolnshire’s roads and have set up ACT, which stands for “abolish car tax”.

The group wants the cash handed over by motorists to be used to fix the roads or be scrapped to reflect what they feel is a poor level of service for the motorist who already faces soaring petrol prices and high insurance premiums.

The final straw came after group member Ian Doughty, from Sutton St James, was knocked back in an attempt to get compensation from Lincolnshire County Council.

He hit a pothole in Raven’s Bank in Fleet, causing £500 damage to his car. The council had inspected the road in question before the incident, in February, but although they found a pothole said they could not be sure that the one reported was the one that caused the accident.

They said the one they spotted was later repaired following the inspection.

Mr Doughty said: “One night we were talking about what had happened to me and before that even happened we had talked about the state of the roads and we just thought ‘why don’t we just do something about it?’.

“If you went to a fairground and there was an accident on a ride the owners would not be able to get away from their responsibility.

“We think that everybody probably moans about this on their own at home but if everybody got together in one group they’d have to listen – it would probably be the biggest protest group ever.

“The motorist seems to be penalised every second of the day.”

The group has set up the Facebook page ‘ACT – Abolish Car Tax or fix the potholes’.