Five week prison term for Spalding man who assaulted a police inspector

Court news.
Court news.

A Spalding man has been sent to prison after admitting he had twice broken a suspended prison sentence order.

James Alan Coddington (31), of Thames Road, admitted threatening behaviour and assaulting a police inspector when he appeared at Boston Magistrates’ Court.

Marie Stace, prosecuting, said that on September 17 Coddington had lunged at someone who had been ejected from a town pub by security staff and struck him to the ground.

She said police were called and when they were trying to arrest him, he tried to hit Inspector Hurst but missed and then ran away but was cornered by officers.

He then hit the inspector and they both fell down.

As he refused to stop fighting he had to be tasered before he could be arrested, she told the magistrates.

The court heard Coddington was subject to a six week suspended prison sentence imposed in June for excess alcohol related offences and that this was the second breach of that order.

Mitigating, solicitor Roger Lowther said the magistrates “might think he’s reached the end of the line as he seemed to have gone completely off the rails”.

However, Mr Lowther pointed out that all the offences were alcohol-related.

He said Coddington had gone out drinking by himself which was his way of coping with the demands of taking care of his father, with whom he now lives, who was suffering from throat cancer.

“He supports himself with a good night out,” said Mr Lowther and asked the magistrates not to impose a custodial sentence but to consider a curfew which would prevent him going out drinking whilst leaving him able to care for his father.

However, the magistrates said that although they had ‘every sympathy’ with Coddington’s situation, it was the second breach of an order that had only been imposed three months before.

He was sentenced to five weeks custody and ordered to pay £50 compensation to the police inspector.