Final few touches for Spalding Flower Parade

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PARADE organisers have been busy making the final touches to their plans in the final days running up to the event.

Spalding Flower Parade manager Kathleen Codd says the team of volunteers are now busy pinning the tulip heads on the floats, perfecting costumes and music, and making sure everything is in place so it goes without a hitch.

Last year, organisers faced a race against time as poor weather meant the 300,000 tulips needed to decorate the floats had not bloomed with just a fortnight to go.

However, this year’s spring sunshine meant the fields were in full bloom in plenty of time.

Ms Codd said: “The sun meant they came out in abundance. We collected the tulips two weeks before the parade and they have been in cold storage since. It’s exciting, exhilarating and quite scary.”

Heading the tulips was due to start yesterday (Wednesday).

Early week forecasts of a few rain showers on the day has not detered Ms Codd’s parade spirit.

“My philosophy is the weather is as the weather will be and that’s all there is to it,” she added. “We can not change it so I am concentrating on the things we can change. “We do have a contingency plan of rain macs.”

Ms Codd added: “The whole atmosphere is going to be fantastic. There’s a really good team in place who have been doing this for 30 years or more.”