Final column of year from Spalding gardener and artist

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Spalding freelance artist Carol Parker writes her last allotment column of 2015.

Well it’s been a longer digging year than most but the hole in my wellies is now telling me the time has come to stop and return with a new pair in the New Year (anyone considering present giving please note gentle hint).

The last of my leeks have been harvested, pea and bean canes have been taken down and the few weeds that were missed in my summer clean-up have been thrown on the compost.

I’ve planted some winter cabbage and kale to supply me with greens during the winter and pruned all soft fruit… so I feel I deserve a rest.

In a few weeks’ time seed catalogues will start dropping through the door, and that’s what I call happy mail.

I’m a trial and error gardener. I love poring over the colours and strange markings of heirloom vegetables and trying a few each year.

I know the old ones often aren’t very disease resistant but they’re usually so much tastier and lovelier to look at.

This year I’m on the hunt for a vegetable that looks like a caterpillar – yes it does exist!

Following the Woadfest exhibition at Moulton Mill for The Blue Mill Project – – I will be setting up another exhibition at the windmill.

From Lincolnshire and Back is my self-funded art project that connects artists around the UK by sharing their work and challenging their working practice.

It will run from December 4 for a couple of weeks in the room next to the café.

Please do take the time to visit if you can –

At the end it will be packaged and posted off to another contributing artist who will host an exhibition in their region.

Working as a self-employed visual artist is a precarious existence, especially in these tough financial times.

We are expected to be astute entrepreneurs: we have to write a proposal, be interviewed and negotiate for each piece of work we do.

We don’t have PAs or agents.

We love what we do, but please don’t penalise us for this by asking us to work for you for nothing; it’s offensive. Ask your plumber, I think he/she would feel the same way.