Film review: Man of Steel

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After garnering the second-biggest box-office opening in the UK this year the new Superman film has undoubtedly been a massive commercial success.

Sadly, that didn’t completely translate to the big screen, with director Zack Snyder’s effort intermittently soaring with fresh new ideas then hitting the earth with a thud as bloated computer-generated action scenes descended into generic blockbuster territory.

With Warner Bros owning the rights to the DC Universe, they’re looking to get a piece of the uber-successful Avengers pie by launching their equivalent with Justice League – and this is the first piece of the puzzle.

Brit star Henry Cavill (The Tudors) does no wrong playing the straight-laced Superman role. Sadly Amy Adams’ Lois Lane isn’t fleshed out enough during the film’s meaty duration.

This origin story launches instantly on the aforementioned Krypton, with Russell Crowe’s Jor-El readying his son to be launched into outer space with the unstable planet’s core about to destroy it, and General Zod (Michael Shannon) trying an aggressive military coup.

We then see a nomadic Clark Kent/Kal-El trying to find his place in the world, with heroic tales and growing pains in his younger years seen in the form of flashbacks.

But when Clark inadvertently sets off a homing beacon buried deep in the Arctic, Zod appears hell-bent on establishing a new Krypton and orders Earth to give up Superman or face the consequences.

Snyder’s world may have a touch too much style over substance, but his biggest accolade is bringing Superman to the next generation.