FILM PREVIEW: He said he’d be back but is Arnie’s new Terminator any good?

Terminator ANL-150630-123039001
Terminator ANL-150630-123039001
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The fifth instalment in the Terminator franchise hopes to rebuild the damage done by the much-maligned 2009 Salvation – even though early reviews are lukewarm.

James Cameron has even tagged it as the ‘official’ successor to his first two critically-acclaimed films – with Rise of the Machines and the fourth film reportedly having taken place on alternate time lines – as leader of the human Resistance, John Connor (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ Jason Clarke), sends Kyle Reese (A Good Day to Die Hard’s Jai Courtney) back to the period of the original Terminator movie, to protect Sarah Connor (Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke) and safeguard the future, as the war against the machines rages in 2029.

But when Reese arrives in 1984, nothing is like it’s expected to be – with an unexpected turn of events from Skynet fracturing the time line (Back to the Future II style) – including an unexpected ally in the form of an ageing and reprogrammed T-800 model (Arnold Schwarzenegger), known as the ‘Guardian’.

Under the direction of Thor: The Dark World helmer Alan Taylor – and co-starring Whiplash’s Oscar-winner JK Simmons – fingers-crossed it’s better than early feedback suggests.