Fighter Max is our Cute Kid of 2014

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When Max was born nine months ago, it became apparent that something wasn’t quite right.

When it came to feeding, Max didn’t want to take milk and when he eventually did he became very ill - he would vomit, suffer with diarrhoea, coughs, sneezing fits and watery eyes. After being rushed to hospital many times, Mum Terri Stebbings decided enough was enough and she went through months of trying different milks for Max to feed on.

Terri (26) said: “Max has been through a lot, being in and out of hospital for reviews with paediatricians and dieticians, but they hope that he will grow out of his allergy at some point. You just learn to deal with the allergy as a parent.”

Winning the competition has made the whole family smile.

Terri and partner Darryl Thorold (24) decided to nominate Max for the competition due to constant attention from people in the street.

Terri said: “People always stop us to tell us what beautiful blue eyes he has but we didn’t expect to win – we are over the moon”

Pictured: Terri, Max and Darryl. SG251114-201TW