Fighter jet crash pilot: ‘Dude I’m getting out’

Crash scene
Crash scene
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A pilot who ejected from a US fighter jet moments before it smashed to the ground 
radioed a colleague to say: “dude, I’m getting out.”

The pilot bailed a 6,000ft before the F15-D jet from RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk crashed into a field in Weston Hills last October.

He survived the terrifying accident which happened on a training mission.

US Department of Defense documents reveal the $28.6million jet went into a flat spin at 15,000ft above sea level.

A technical sergeant, who was sitting in the back seat of another jet, said he was left “very shaken”.

In transcripts of an interview he gave investigators, he said: “After 6,000ft, number two (the pilot from the crashed jet) basically said ‘Dude, I’m getting out’.”

The information was revealed in documents released after a BBC Freedom of Information request.

An Accident Investigation Board report into the crash is yet to be released.

The MOD’s clean-up bill for the crash was last week revealed to be £393,235. The USAF will cover 75 per cent of the cost.