FIFA’s new World Cup game is Rio Grande

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Game of the Week ANL-140429-114857001
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Game review by Gavin Miller - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil (360/PS3)

There’s no denying the production values that ooze through every pore of FIFA’s World Cup version of their hit football game.

It might seem like a step-back for those who have played the game on Xbox One or PS4 – as this is a 360/PS3 exclusive for last-gen consoles.

But there’s no denying the carnival atmosphere that EA Sports add to this package really brings the world’s greatest tournament to life with more than 200 national teams, and the richest game modes seen in a FIFA game.

The game itself has only been slightly tweaked since the last FIFA 14 incarnation, with 100 new animations providing better passing mechanics, a new set-piece tactics system, and the addition of Brazilian-inspired dribbling flicks and tricks, being the only barely notable refinements.

Of course this is arguably another footballing cash-in – but this offers just about enough to be Rio Grande. Rating: 4/5