Fears Spalding car park is turning into a dumping ground for litter louts

Jackie Allen (left) and Julia Turner have complained about rubbish left in Spalding's Victoria Street car park. Photo by Tim Wilson. SG050118-104TW.

A clean-up operation is wanted in a car park near homes and takeaways in Spalding that has become a dumping ground for rubbish.

Piles of litter, including bin bags, beer cans and food wrappers, have been left in Victoria Street car park and behind food shops in Winsover Road.

Now people living nearby have urged South Holland District Council to educate people about fly-tipping and putting rubbish out before collection day.

Jackie Allen (31), who lives near the car park, said: “I moved her from Pinchbeck in February and nearly every week, I’ve had to report fly-tipping to the council.

“Someone else told me that they had phoned up the council about the mess, only to be told that it would take several weeks for workmen to pick up the litter.

“Normally, they are quite good in collecting the bin bags on Thursdays.

“But I’ve asked the council if it could do some sort of educational campaign because it’s not good enough for anyone who lives and works in the area of Victoria Street car park to see all the rubbish there.”

Jackie claimed that the rubbish problem has led to a rat infestation in parts of the car park, as well as street drinkers who use it as a place to “hang out”.

She said: “The council has a duty of care to the people of Spalding and for anyone who uses the car park, the sight of rubbish there is bringing the town down.”

A district council spokesma said: “We received a report of litter in the area and street cleaning operatives visited the scene.

“We cleared up the litter which we could get to; however, some of it was on private property and behind barbed wire.

“The area has not been subject to any changes over the Christmas and New Year period, but we will look to take action if appropriate.

“In the meantime, we would ask any residents with any concerns of infestations to contact us with information at www.sholland.gov.uk/reportit”

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