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Spalding area's potato crops lifting despite the rain

By Spalding Today Columnist

In the last 3 weeks we have had 4in of rain, which started just after we had begun the potato harvest.

Since then we have managed to lift about 25per cent of our crop.

This is only due to having invested heavily in equipment in 2013 that can keep going in the current conditions.

Work has started to lift this year's potato crop despite the rain.
Work has started to lift this year's potato crop despite the rain.

It is the first time since then that it has really been needed.

We are fortunate to be on light silts; those growers on more bodied land must be getting concerned as there is no sign of any settled weather in the forecast.

We have a great team of Polish men and women on the grader, who always seem happy, even at the end of a 12-hour shift. It’s a pity we can’t get locally sourced labour.

Richard Barlow (13500991)
Richard Barlow (13500991)

Unfortunately there is a whole sector of the British population that are happy to go out preaching what they perceive as wrong with the country but aren’t willing to contribute to it by doing any manual work.

The Greta’s of this world and Extinction Rebels could do with coming to work on the farm for the potato season. Perhaps not -as I’m sure on the first day they will have walked off the job by lunchtime or been dismissed.

To get a balanced view of the world you need a mixture of experience and enthusiasm. To be a good farmer you need both plus optimism that the weather will get better!


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