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Deeping St Nicholas farmer is backing Boris

A farmer's two biggest variables are the weather and the politicians and both have been very turbulent these last nine months. In May we were talking about water shortages but the next month was the wettest June ever for South Lincolnshire and the heavens opened again in August, spoiling our wheat crops.

The last month we have welcomed the dry weather and we have no idea what is in store for us during the coming months.

Turbulence in Westminster is an understatement and as yet we have got nowhere. Boris seemed to have a plan to get us out of Europe but with so many lawyers sitting in Parliament against him he is unable to follow his plan.

Nicholas Watts (17066413)
Nicholas Watts (17066413)

As far as I am concerned, I would like to be out of Europe - they are making it difficult for us to leave because we keep sending them so much money. We have given the Irish and the Spaniards a good road system and we have brought the eastern block out of the cold. The eastern block is a big area and must be a bottomless pit... it is time we spent that money at home rather than sending it to spoil the character of many of the countries now in the EU. I would like to see us making our own rules and it is also no good being on a sinking ship.

Six months ago the noises coming from Westminster were not good for farmers but Boris has been giving money out quite freely and he says he wants to see farming thriving, giving us a bit of hope but as we know talk is cheap - we learnt that from Tony Blair. I like Boris, he can make decisions, the average politician is only where he is because he can talk well. Most of them have been lawyers and a lawyer's job is to try to sort things out after it has gone wrong but they don’t even seem able to do that.

Nicholas Watts, Vine House Farm, Deeping St Nicholas

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