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Kia Sportage ANL-150217-095018001
Kia Sportage ANL-150217-095018001
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Kia’s refreshed mid-size, value-added Sportage SUV 
offers more of the same, which is actually a good thing.

What’s new?

There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with Kia’s mid-size SUV, but the Korean car maker has decided to give its Sportage a minor visual nip and tuck to keep it looking fresh.

The car’s nose and tail benefit from minor tweaks, while inside there are changes to the cabin’s trim and materials. There’s also improvements to the car’s fascia plus the 
inclusion of an updated choice of infotainment systems.

Looks and image

This generation of Sportage boasts the soft curves we’ve come to expect. Kia has tweaked head and taillight design, while the grille has been updated to reflect what’s on the rest of the firm’s range.

Inside there’s a modest but welcome uplift in cabin quality thanks to better material choices, while the already generous infotainment system has been boosted. Factor in Kia’s solid reputation for delivering well-built, affordable cars plus its still generous warranty package and it’s not difficult to understand its appeal.

Space and practicality

The Sportage offers a sensible compromise of cabin space and footprint size. There’s ample room for a growing family, while the boot proves practical and versatile. Folding the rear seats increases the car’s versatility, while there’s also ample oddment space for the usual mountain of family orientated clutter. The choice of all-wheel drive also boosts the Sportage’s versatility.

Behind the wheel

With its commanding driving position and multi-adjustable seats, it’s easy to get comfortable. And that’s the point; the Sportage offers a refined and relaxed experience that easily rivals that of cars costing considerably more. Also, its engine line-up delivers a good range of performance and economy. Front-drive cars sacrifice little if you never plan on towing or off-roading, while the flexibility of all-wheel drive ensures an added safety net for more adventurous owners. Either way, the Sportage is a cinch to drive.

Value for money

With its long, generous warranty period and a standard kit list that easily embarrasses many of its more costly rivals, the Sportage is a sound proposition for buyers with a modest budget.

Who would buy one?

Want to save some money but don’t want to sacrifice kit, refinement and performance? Step this way, as Kia’s Sportage offers a compelling blend of easy-on-the-eye looks plus a long list of creature comforts and safety kit for a modest price. Factor in the solid performing petrol and diesel motors, ample cabin and boot space plus the seven-year warranty, and you’d have to be a snob to give the Sportage a miss.

This car summed up in a single word: honest.

If this car was a…: comfortable pair of shoes it would be the hardwearing ones you value the most.