Fantastic family fun up in the tree tops

Tree top adventure ANL-151030-113524001
Tree top adventure ANL-151030-113524001
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In these days of iPads, the Xbox and other consoles it’s sometimes hard to gets the kids off the sofa – but I’ve discovered a fun day out for all the family that will get them positively jumping out of the door.

The Tree Top Adventures run by Go Ape are fantastic fun for everyone, with courses for juniors and adults.

I took my 13-year-old boy and two ten-year-old girls to the Go Ape centre in Dalby Forest near Pickering during a break in north Yorkshire and we had a wonderful hour amidst breathtaking scenery.

Because two adults would have been required to supervise three under-16s we couldn’t try the Tree Top Adventure, but found Tree Top Junior a real adrenaline rush just the same.

My kids amazed me as they turned into fearless little Tarzans for an hour, trail blazing over canopies, negotiating obstacles and crossing wobbly bridges up there with the trees before finishing with an exhilarating zip wire descent... and then doing it all over again.

I must admit I was a little more cautious and my head for heights isn’t what their’s is, but we were safely harnessed in at all times and it was the most fun I can remember having together for ages.

Apart from the two to three hour, tougher full Tree Top Adventure the Go Ape Centres also offer Forest Segway fun.

* Days out at Go Ape are about living life more adventurously, having fun with friends and family and getting in touch with your inner Tarzan.

And with 28 Tree Top Adventures in the UK, there’s bound to be one in your neck of the woods.

The nearest to us are at Thetford High Lodge near Brandon in Suffolk (50 miles from Spalding) and Sherwood Pines near Nottingham (68 miles).

The children with their certificates ANL-151030-113557001

The children with their certificates ANL-151030-113557001

The price for Tree Top Junior is £18 per person, with Tree Top 
Adventure, which last two to three hours, £25 for 10 to 15-year-olds and £31 to £33 for 16-plus.


My kids amazed me as they turned into fearless little Tarzans for an hour