Family upset by taxi refusal

Julie Holmes and her four children Zak, Amy, Max and Ben.
Julie Holmes and her four children Zak, Amy, Max and Ben.
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A MUM-of-four has been left fuming after she and her children were turned away from an eagerly-anticipated ride on Spalding’s water taxi.

Julie Holmes had promised Ben (9), Max (7), Amy (4) and Zak (3) a trip into the town centre from Springfields – but their hopes were dashed when the pilot said she was unable to take four children on board.

He said the limit per adult was two to ensure their safety.

Ian Canham, of the Water Taxi, said that was not a strict company policy but water taxi pilots have the discretion to turn people away if they have concerns.

He said: “I have spoken to the pilot involved and I am confident he made the right decision.

“He assessed the situation and felt that he was unable to ensure the safety of the children.

“We have sent Miss Holmes some free tickets which we hope will go some way to compensate for the upset.”

Julie (29), of Royce Road, said her children were left devastated after the incident last week.

She said: “I never promise my kids anything I can’t deliver. I had said we could go into town on the water taxi and have a burger and drink before Boys’ Brigade.

“My little girl also had a soft toy dog from nursery which they are supposed to do things with and write about in a book for the other children to see.

“Going on the water taxi was a big thing to my kids and it ruined our whole day.”

“I appreciate that rules are rules but they should advertise them.”