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Thank you so much for putting my letter in your paper. The response was overwhelming.

It was an article about William Stapleton Royce MP, Governor Designate of Tasmania. I’ve had letters, phone calls, pictures, etc, from people who knew the family and relatives who worked for the Royce family at The Hall, now Pinchbeck Hall.

One lady used to have tea at the hall when she was a very young girl. It’s been wonderful, and still people are sending all sorts of paper cuttings.

W S Royce and wife Emma Louisa, used to have fetes etc at their house so I was wondering if anyone had any photos regarding these events or any other articles, photos etc.

I’ve even been able to get W S Royce’s memoirs, found by a local man, Keith Seaton. It’s a hard back in very good condition, incredible, as this book is extremely rare. I’ll always treasure it.

In 1934 their estate was put up for auction, which was 1,375 acres with several farms, other dwellings and The Horse and Jockey Inn. The sale was ‘The Pinchbeck Hall Estate’ by direction of the public trustee regarding Royce Will Trust R3999/L comprising 72 lots.

The sale was on Friday, September 14, 1934.

W S Royce had died on June 23, 1924, Emma Louise Royce on May 19, 1934. Included in the lots was Rose Cottage, bought by their son Captain Ferris Cleveland Royce, for £1,400.

A Mrs Joan Sneath has told me that her family once lived at Rose Cottage. Rose Cottage or the Horse and Jockey wasn’t mentioned in Ferris’s will but the Bull Inn was. It was offered to a Miss Orbell, his tenant.

Miss Orbell’s daughter had sent me a photo of Ferris outside the Bull Inn and I see it still operates to this day, still on lease. Who owns it I wonder? And what happened to all these lots in the sale, all 72 of them!

Do anyone know where I can get a plan of ‘Pinchbeck Hall Estate’? The sale didn’t

include The Hall, which sold a while ago.

Anything anyone can find would be fabulous.

PS Does anyone have pictures of my other relative Captain Thomas Royce of The Angel in Double Street Spalding. He died in 1978.

W S Royce was my cousin.

Capt Thomas Royce 1813-1878 went to the Spalding Academy of Education circa 1826.

John Royce

145 West Street