Family gene history puzzle

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THE chance of future sight-saving treatment is being offered to people in Spalding affected by a defective gene shared by members of Cindy Nicolle’s family.

Cindy, whose maiden name was Woodward, has ancestors who lived around Spalding and knows their surnames, but is trying to find out if they or any of their descendants had sight problems. She wants to know if they are affected by the same genetic eye problem as some members of her family.

The eye problem is called Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) and can vary from having virtually no effect, through night blindness and tunnel vision, to almost complete blindness.

Cindy says: “RP can affect both sexes and those with it have a 50/50 chance of passing it on to their children. There is advanced research which could lead to treatment in the near future, and it could be helpful to have names of others who may have the same defective gene and who thus could benefit from the same treatment.”

Cindy asks if readers share the following ancestors from the 1800s: the Woodward family living in Pinchbeck and Whaplode and the Ward family from Pinchbeck.

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