Family business taking shape at Long Sutton

Mark Deith.
Mark Deith.
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La Boutique Du Moulage could become a real family concern if Sheila decides to join Mark in the business when she retires in around nine months – she is an officer at Lincolnshire Police headquarters.

Sheila is experimenting with pottery classes and may want to contribute her work to the mix in future. Even if she decides against doing that, the pottery might offer her the same kind of relaxation Mark says he finds in the pastime.

He says: “I could be in a room with 20 people and I’d be so focused on what I was doing I would look up and someone had been calling me for the past five minutes. I am just in the zone. I find it so relaxing.”

Hannah (21) is already involved on an ad hoc basis when she is asked to do more personal body casting for women – but as yet there are no plans for 17-year-old Heather to work for the business.

The family home has to play its part too: body parts are dipped in moulding material; the mould is then filled with stone plaster and that has to dry for a week or so – usually above the kitchen radiator!

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