Faith and belief isn’t always about getting all the answers we want

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THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: By Rev David Oxtoby, Priest-in-charge of Sutton Bridge St Matthew’s and Tydd St Mary’s, Diocesan Young Vocations Adviser

‘Seeing is believing’, a well-known saying often used, yet is it true? We don’t see gravity, or love, or thought, yet we know and believe in their existence. During this period after Easter we might well ask ‘show me the risen Jesus, then I’ll believe’.

If we did ask this, we’d be in good company with Thomas the Disciple, who also stated that unless he saw for himself the marks of Jesus’s crucifixion, and the risen Christ, he would not believe.

Yet Jesus in His grace, appeared to Thomas, the Disciples, and countless others during that period between His resurrection and ascension.

Jesus also stated, “blessed are those who believe, and have not seen”. Where do you take your honest questions of doubt? For Thomas, when he faced Jesus, his questions faded away, no longer needed answering.

We live in a time of amazing scientific discovery, and we long for evidence and answers to many of life’s questions, yet faith and belief isn’t about getting all the answers we want, it’s about trusting and placing ourselves and our questions before a loving God and Saviour Jesus Christ, where in His presence our questions and doubts fade away.