Facts needed to lobby bus firms

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A PUBLIC survey may be carried out in a bid to persuade a bus company to rescue “stranded” villagers.

Residents in Moulton Seas End say the closure of Sutton Bridge coach company Carnell’s earlier this year left them in the lurch with only the on-demand service CallConnect willing to pick up passengers.

But it is the Spalding branch of CallConnect and it won’t run a direct service to Boston, where most people want to go.

A survey was suggested so Moulton Parish Council has hard facts and figures to present to bus companies about public demand for services.

It was also suggested Boston branch of CallConnect could be asked to extend its patch to pick up Moulton Seas End passengers.

A public meeting held before Tuesday’s parish council meeting heard the lack of a bus service cost one man his house sale because the prospective buyer didn’t want to live in a village without buses.

Bus operators CallConnect, Norfolk Green, Brylaine Travel and Fowlers were invited but none attended.

Parish clerk Geoff Barham said CallConnect had been trying to find someone to come, Brylaine would have liked to have attended but its representative was elsewhere that night, Fowlers described the village as “difficult to serve” and Norfolk Green “had no intention” of providing a service for Moulton Seas End.

South Holland and the Deepings MP John Hayes was also unable to attend but asked to be kept informed about the discussion.

One resident said it used to be “standing room only” on Carnell’s Wednesday and Saturday services to Boston and she believes the demand is still there.

Aside from CallConnect and a voluntary car scheme, the only option for villagers is to walk two miles to Moulton to catch Norfolk Green’s 505 service to Spalding or Holbeach.