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Spalding and Deepings MP Sir John Hayes: 'Facing down the anti-Brexit alliance of nitpickers and doom-mongers"

By Spalding Today Columnist

I have struggled against the excesses of the European project for as long as I can remember.

Over those years the European community metamorphosised from a trading block to a superstate, from a common market to a political union. Through successive treaties, every one of which I have strongly opposed, most of the British people have become less and less impressed by a costly pan-European project so beloved of the privileged classes.

We must leave the EU because of an essential principle –healthy democracy depends on where power is exercised and how it is held to account. When political power is detached from its effect - as when ceded to Brussels and Strasberg - it first becomes careless and ultimately risks being corrupted.

Sir John Hayes and his weekly look at political issues. (17313430)
Sir John Hayes and his weekly look at political issues. (17313430)

Parliamentary political legitimacy here depends upon the electors’ faith in the bond between those they choose to represent them and the people. Rejecting the result of the Brexit referendum risks breaching the trust on which that faith is founded.

To maintain popular faith in the character of our representative system of government, MPs must face up to their democratic duty by facing down the anti-Brexit alliance of nitpickers and doom-mongers.

That is why this Government is so determined to deliver on the Brexit referendum vote and so ensure that those who decide the laws of our land have British interests at heart and can be directly held to account by the people.


In very a short timeframe, with huge pressure from both Parliament and from Brussels - and with doubters and dissenters predicting failure - Boris Johnson negotiated a new deal with the European Union. This outstanding achievement – in an endeavour with which his predecessor struggled for so long - has been backed by a vote of affirmation in the House of Commons; with MPs voting 329 to 299 to support the Prime Minister’s deal at its Second Reading.

However, despite the Prime Minister’s success and the clear message from the House that it is willing to get Brexit done, many in positions of influence remain transfixed by their thinly disguised determination to keep us tied into the EU, either via a second referendum or by simply cancelling Brexit without one. The Opposition’s insistence on excessive further scrutiny of a Bill – much of the subject matter of which has been poured over for more than 500 hours by Parliament, as Brexit has been debated endlessly for over three years - is entirely unreasonable. It is quite clear that for some, the ill-judged vote to delay the Bill’s swift passage, was nothing more than a plot to prevent Brexit altogether.

However, time and tide wait for no man, and the tidal wave of popular discontent about what the anti-Brexit elements in Parliament have done must not be resisted. G. K. Chesterton spoke of the people who had “not spoken yet”. Now their voices ring loud and clear. Tired of waiting, they want Brexit, and they want it now.

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