EUROPE: Tories are the party for Europe

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I quite agree with Mrs Wilson’s comments on a referendum on Britain’s future in Europe (Spalding Guardian, June 19). Only the Conservative Party, in promising to have a referendum by 2017, has made a clear commitment to letting the public have their say, a policy steadfastly supported by our own MP, John Hayes.

Labour policy on the issue seems to be in disarray, Miliband has given a convoluted response to the European question. The Lib Dems seem unwilling to deal with difficulties emanating from Europe, especially the problem of excessive immigration.

UKIP claim to offer a ‘quick-fix solution’ to Europe – to simply leave. This, however, is something that it cannot achieve. UKIP would have to win a majority of Parliamentary seats (326) to secure any chance of leaving, which, frankly, is not going to happen.

Despite this, UKIP has the potential to ‘disrupt’ mainstream politics. I wonder though if it is really the desire of UKIP voters to derail any realistic chances of European reform. For this is what is likely to happen if people vote UKIP. In other words, a vote for UKIP is likely to let Labour and the Liberals in through the back door. This would surely be disastrous for Euro-sceptics, as any prospect of a referendum would be dashed.

To avoid this scenario, a Conservative vote is best. They have a good record on defending Britain’s interests in Europe. They would have sought further reform had they not been constrained by the Liberals. Therefore it is important they win a majority, enabling them to deliver on a referendum and renegotiate Britain’s role in Europe before a referendum, which could be more fruitful than a swift exit.

So to those who are thinking about enlisting in Farage’s ‘People’s Army’ I urge you to support the party that has real potential to change Europe, the Conservative Party.

Peter Darley