EU REFERENDUM LETTERS: We remember a prosperous single nation

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I would like to reply to the letters in Thursday’s Spalding Guardian: “Instinct tells me to stay in”, “Why I want to stay in” and “Don’t let the grey vote win”.

Every week we pay £350million into the EU and get some of it back. The money we get back is allocated by the EU and not us. I think we can better choose where our priorities lie.

Let’s look at financial risk. Norway and Switzerland are part of Europe and not in the EU but trade with it. They are the two most prosperous countries in the world. Are we worse than them in some way? I think not. We are 15th and I suspect it is because we are currently EU members.

Moving on to keeping the peace. Rear Admiral Heaslip, former commander of the Navy’s submarine service, said: “Since its inception, the EU has shown minimal interest in defence. The claim that the existence of the EU has saved us from war for 70 years is a myth.”

General Rose – who was incorrectly included on a list of top brass backing Remain issued by Downing Street in February – believes intrusive European laws had weakened Britain’s Armed Forces. He said: “European law, in my view, has already seriously undermined UK’s combat effectiveness.” The EU wants an army to call its own, who do you think will supply a large portion of it? And, do you actually want our troops controlled by Brussels? Our representatives have already tried to get reforms from within the the EU, and failed.

Now looking at the second one: Does anybody believe a government that reduces our rights will stay in power past the next election?

Do not forget that it was this country leading the way to better working conditions with legislation like the Holidays with Pay Act 1938 and Equal Pay Act 1970. As to migration, we need certain people to come here, work and pay taxes to keep our system working. What we do not need are convicted criminals entering our country and at present we cannot stop them if they are EU citizens. Lastly we get back to Mr Turp. “The grey vote”? I presume he is referring to people like us. Could it just be that most older people with more life experiences actually remember when we were a prosperous single nation and know this country can do it again given the chance?

There are more points I would like to make but I do not want to take up too much column space.

Nigel Wickenden