EU REFERENDUM LETTERS: Think before you vote

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When it comes to the impending referendum, there is only one issue to consider. Just one, because all other issues between the EU and Britain stem from it.

That issue is whether or not you wish to be ruled by 28 people whose names you probably do not know, whom you have never elected and whom you cannot get rid of if dissatisfied with their performance.

These people make most of the laws which now govern us and take precedence over any generated by our elected parliament (the exact proportion is vague).

The European Commission has the exclusive right to invent new legislation and decide upon priorities.

The European Parliament exists as only a rubber stamp to give the commission an appearance of democratic respectability and its primary purpose is to ratify legislation determined by the commission. Parliament cannot veto decisions of the unelected commission.

If you really do not mind being dictated to by these foreigners, of which only one of the 28 voices represents you in a law-making body with 27 aliens who have no interest whatever in you, then by all means vote to remain in the EU.

But, if you do so vote, do not be surprised when, in due course, England disappears.

If you think that cannot happen, then please research the Euro region named Arc Manche.

A German chancellor once said: “What good fortune for governments that the people do not think.”

So be a heretic and think before you vote.