EU REFERENDUM LETTERS: Influx is a drain on our system

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Debating the EU referendum is an emotive subject around anyone’s dinner table at the moment.

Do we remain or do we leave? In an attempt to get nearer a decision on my vote, I attended the EU debate at the South Holland Centre on Monday.

I have been erring on the side of leave, and have to say Monday’s debate did little to persuade me otherwise.

I believe that immigration is a significant deciding factor, but there seems to be no solid information that leaving the EU will resolve the influx of people that are a drain on our system.

Our schools are having to cope with different languages – and our children are suffering because they are not getting the same amount of attention.

Our doctors’ surgeries are under pressure. Have you tried getting an appointment?

You could die before you get one.

I understand we need the workers, and I know businessmen that couldn’t cope without them, but do we really need the drinkers that hang around behind bushes, the ones that haven’t done a day’s work since they entered the UK?

Isn’t it time we sorted the wheat from the chaff and got a bit more choosy?