EU REFERENDUM LETTER: A better life outside EU

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EU flag. EMN-160505-155701001
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Listed below are 10 pledges that David Cameron has failed to deliver to the British people:

• To restore social and employment legislation to national control.

• A complete opt out from the charter of fundamental rights.

• Limiting the European Court of Justice’s jurisdiction over criminal law to its pre-Lisbon level.

• Treaty change that he said he would be putting in place before the referendum.

• EU job seekers to have a job offer before they come here.

• If an EU job seeker has not found work within six months, they will be required to leave.

• Revising the working time directive at EU level to give the NHS the flexibility it needs.

• The European Parliament must end its absurdly wasteful practice of meeting in Strasbourg as well as Brussels.

• Further reform of the EU’s common agricultural policy.

• Greater reform of structural funds.

These are pledges that David Cameron has made to the British people at various times.

With this list of broken promises, would you, the people of Spalding, trust him to say our future lies in the EU?

Or will you vote for a better life outside the EU.

Be careful with your vote.