Words of wisdom from Whaplode Drove farmer

Ian Stancer.
Ian Stancer.
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By Ian Stancer,

cereals and sugarbeet grower

There is nothing wrong with paper forms of course, but there is still the need for every claimant to register online before filling out the forms. Thankfully we have been given an extra month of breathing space rather than cramming it into the frenzied general election period. The announcement came as plans were already well advanced for the latest round of NFU/BPS roadshows and it’s testament to the expertise right through the organisation that a replacement meeting was held in Spalding to explain the latest changes. Hopefully by now most people who wish to claim will have registered or found a helper to do it for them so they are ready to fill in the forms in good time to give the RPA no further excuse to delay the vital payment in December.

The RPA are civil servants and in theory the outcome of the election should make little difference to them in the short term, but for farming in the UK it could make a world of difference. I’d urge every voter to check out the NFU website and add their name to the Great British Food Gets My Vote campaign to help ensure whichever ‘bod’ walks into Number 10 recognises what good food means for us all.