Whaplode Drove farmer on the rewards of serving NFU

Ian Stancer.
Ian Stancer.
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Following the recent NFU Holland County AGM my days as County Chairman are now dwindling or in limbo as the National AGM approaches in February, writes Ian Stancer.

The farming world just like every other facet of modern life is now so busy that finding people to give up just a little of their time to fulfil such a role is difficult, which is one reason why I’ve completed two stints, four years in total. The rewards for those that do are difficult to quantify but rich in quality; I’ve met a multitude of people who, almost without exception, have been interesting to listen to and also interested to hear my opinion. It is humbling to hear the stories of great strength and determination from up and down the country, and comforting to know that whatever problems we have in Holland Lincolnshire, there are always farmers who have a life many times harder and still willing to give more of themselves to strengthen this great institution. I wish my successor, Chris Wray, the very best, but know that he will enjoy the experience greatly, and I’d urge those people who think they are too busy, to follow after him

On the same theme, the next tier on the ladder of responsibility is the NFU Council Delegate, these are people so passionate about farming and helping others to farm that they give up rather more of their time to promote the industry. Robert Caudwell has worked tirelessly as Delegate for all of us for many years and we owe him the greatest thanks, but he has handed over responsibility to Sarah Dawson and we wish her well in her new post.