Warning that village will be swallowed-up

Coun Elizabeth Sneath.
Coun Elizabeth Sneath.
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Councillors ignored warnings about massive congestion on roads and risks to the health and wellbeing of families living close to industries by passing plans for 169 homes on land off Wardentree Lane, Pinchbeck.

Coun Elizabeth Sneath opposed the Larkfleet Homes application to build on land described as a buffer between the residential edge of the village and its industrial area – and also a buffer between Pinchbeck and Spalding.

I know we need housing but not where it risks the health and wellbeing of families.

Coun Elizabeth Sneath

She couldn’t believe the council was “knowingly proposing housing development so close to industrial premises”, some of which operated 24/7.

“I know we need housing but not where it risks the health and wellbeing of families,” Coun Sneath said.

She said the two entrances to the site were inadequate, Wardentree Lane would be “massively congested at peak times” and children would be forced to go to school with only one pavement beside the road.

Coun Sneath said: “We (Pinchbeck) will soon be swallowed up by the town.”

But planning committee members voted 11-4 to pass the application, which will include 56 affordable homes and a £200,000 developer contribution to local education provision.

County council children’s services originally asked for £848,916 towards education provision, saying the development would have “a direct impact on local schools”, but that was slashed when Larkfleet agreed to boost the number of affordable homes from 32 to 56.

Committee chairman Coun Roger Gambba-Jones said the problem would change if industries moved to that site as it would bring them closer to the homes on Pinchbeck Road.

He said: “We need to keep in mind that we can’t defend it forever as an open field.”

• The homes will be a mix of one, two, three, four and five bedroom properties arranged around a central green area, including flats over garages.