Villagers urged to have say on turbine

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Residents are gathering in Sutton St James over concerns about plans for a 50m wind turbine on farmland near their homes.

The application to South Holland District Council has been made by Ogden Energy, who want to put the turbine on land associated with Fendyke Farm.

A special meeting is being held on Monday night to discuss the impact of the plan and what action to take.

According to one resident who lives opposite the proposed site, there are about 17 properties in the surrounding area where residents could lose views of open countryside.

Paul Hinks, who is also a member of the parish council, said: “I will look out right at it - and there are seven or eight other residents who will be directly affected like this.

“Most people are in favour of renewable energy but not when it’s not far away from their houses.”

In 2011, Jane and Julian Davis reached an out-of-court settlement after a five-year battle over alleged noise nuisance from the wind farm at Deeping St Nicholas.

Mr Hinks said: “We can’t say how we would be affected by the turbine, but in Deeping people have had a lot of noise.

”Farmers are getting substantial returns for having wind turbines on their land.

“Energy companies are catching on to the fact that when they are planning an energy park with several turbines it is causing a lot of upset in local communities, so they are now trying to get farmers to have just one.

“The outcome will be an area dotted with single turbines that is, in effect, one big energy park.”

The meeting will be held in the village hall at 7.20pm. Residents can comment on the application on the SHDC website and it will also be discussed at the parish meeting on March 21.

Meanwhile, protestors are continuing their battle to protect barn owls on farmland in the Crowland area threatened by Peterborough City Council’s plans for an energy park.

Last month, Spalding Young Farmers added their support to the campaign and spoke of their concern at the loss of livelihoods of tenant farmers.

An e-petition launched to protect the barn owls now has more than 100 signatures. Visit