Tractor display promotes farming

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The latest New Holland farm machinery was due to be displayed outside St Paul’s Cathedral one day last week to remind London commuters where the ingredients in their luchboxes comes from.

The showcase by The Addington Fund, which provides homes for farming families forced to leave the industry, was also meant to highlight the vital role of UK farmers who work hard to produce food.

Ian Bell, director of the Addington Fund, said: “In the UK as a whole, 1bn meals are now eaten outside of the home every year. Yet we have a significant percentage of people who have no understanding of where their food originates from.

“From a farming perspective, we already know that we will have a poor yield from harvest 2013, and with the best will in the world we will not get back on track before harvest 2014 at the earliest. This will have a direct effect on food costs, but we must engage with the public so they understand.”