Tongue End grower’s thoughts on EU debate

Julian Davis.
Julian Davis.
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There has been much written about the problematic introduction of the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS), writes Julian Davis.

Round two is already upon us and round one is by no means over. And things seem to be getting worse.

Some payments appear to be incorrect; the recent issue of more BPS statements has done nothing to allay the fears. Trying to communicate with the RPA is somewhat fraught as the queues become longer and waiting times increase.

Just around the corner we have the next political excitement, the vote on Europe.

I watch with interest the way in which the government treats the British steel industry as it may be a fair indication of what may face us outside the EU.

Traditionally, British governments have foolishly strived to achieve a ‘service based’ economy, the politicians and economists plotting the evolution from agriculture, through industry to their vision of utopia (a service based economy). They refuse to learn from history.

Agriculture and industry are only needed in times of shortage, mostly caused by climatic or political disasters. Left to the devices of a UK Government, UK farming will be left to drift whichever the ‘free market’ blows it.

The recent exposé of money laundering and tax evasion shows only too well how the world is run, where the real power is, and it goes far above and beyond national governments. It makes me wonder whether there is any point in the ‘general public’ taking part in the debate on Europe: the deal has probably already been done!