This year’s good harvest likely to result in less profit

Nicholas Watts.
Nicholas Watts.
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Deeping St Nicholas farmer Nicholas Watts reflects on the benefits of keeping a weather diary.

The crops that we have grown have also shown this as they have been better than average but will we make any money? It seems that the whole world has also had a good year as the prices of all of our crops have come down in price.

I mustn’t generalise too much as we all have different ways of farming and your or my neighbouring farmer’s circumstances can be quite different to our own. It is what he has grown, how big a crop he has and how he has sold it that makes the difference, but I am fairly sure that the good harvest that I am harvesting this year will result in less profit than 2013 or 2012.

There was plenty of head scratching in those two years as we were wondering how we were going to get the job done. On the whole we did get the job done but our crops produced less and so the prices were generally far higher than they are this year.

For how long will we remember that it has been a good summer and for how long will we remember the terrible March of 2013? I have been keeping a weather diary for the past 45 years and all these sort of events are recorded in that diary. It will be there for the next generation to refer to; why don’t you also keep a similar diary? The worst ink is better than a good memory.