‘This grass needs cutting’ – residents

Residents in Delgate Avenue, Weston, are fed up with the state of its uncut grass.
Residents in Delgate Avenue, Weston, are fed up with the state of its uncut grass.
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Residents call it the street that the council forgot but patience is finally wearing thin in Delgate Avenue, Weston, because of a row over grass cutting.

Several residents are claiming that South Holland District Council and Lincolnshire County Council have failed to cut the grass this year, leaving it untidy and overgrown.

The row has escalated after the mother of five-year-old Conner White complained to the council when her son suffered an allergic reaction to the grass while playing with a friend outside their home.

Danielle White (22) said: “They were playing hide and seek in the area where the grass is on Sunday and when Conner came back into the house, his face and arms had blotches on them.

“I had to wash his eyes in bath water with a sponge and it took an hour for Conner to look like himself again.

“We never knew he had hay fever and now we don’t let him walk anywhere near the grass.

“It’s absolutely disgusting to have the grass looking like that and it’s been made even worse because of what happened to my son.”

Another Delgate Avenue resident, Robert Walker (49), said: “We’ve made a number of complaints about the grass not being cut this year but nothing seems to be getting done.

“I rang both the district and county councils two weeks ago to report it and I was told the grass would be cut, but they still haven’t done it.

“We all try to keep our gardens tidy but it just seems like Delgate Avenue has been forgotten about.”

A district council spokesman said: “The land has now been added to the list of areas the county council has asked us to cut this year and it will be done very soon.”